Digital 3D models

This activity will ask you to access and interact with different 3D models produced by Structured Light Scanning technology. Please spend as much time as you wish with each model. There are 8 models in total from different anatomical regions; 

  • 2 plastic head and neck models
  • 2 human skull models
  • 2 human vertebrae models
  • 2 human foot models 

Please view all models in full screen mode (by clicking the bottom right button on each model screen) to ensure that all labels are visible in their entirety. 

Once finished, please access the short survey via the appropriate link at the bottom on the page. 

Thank you so much for your time and attention and we hope you enjoy the study!

Interactive Models

  •  Plastic 

  • Human skull

  • Human foot

  • Human vertebrae

Once you have finished interacting with the models, please continue to the appropriate short survey:

Student opinion survey

Educator/staff opinion survey 

All responses are anonymous and cannot be linked to the individual respondent. 

Thank you for your time and your feedback!


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